“We have called on Antoinette and her professional services on several occasions over the past decade. Most recently, in 2015, Antoinette assisted us in the negotiation of a new three year contract with our union. She also assisted us in negotiations in 2012, and 2009/2010 and in 2005. In 2005, I had the pleasure of working closely with Antoinette while we negotiated a 4-year contract with our union. I represented the domestic automobile dealers at the table, while Antoinette was our team leader. Since then, she has helped us through a number of grievances.

During our 10 days of negotiations, I came to realize how efficient and professional Antoinette is and what a smart decision our dealer group made having her at the table. We intend to maintain our relationship with Antoinette simply because we obtain full value from her and Ironside Consulting Services regarding labour matters. This is why we have retained her to help us through any grievances filed on behalf of the union. She is never more than a phone call or E-mail away and responds to our requests in a timely fashion.

First and foremost, Antoinette is a people person. She enjoys interacting with other people. Appropriate questions are always asked to identify and understand the problem. Empathy is always shown, and Antoinette’s ability to remain calm, even when union representatives are confrontational is an admirable trait.

Any response from Antoinette is well thought out and very pragmatic. She stands firm when necessary and will not be intimidated. She insures she knows the Collective Agreement before entering any meeting and is fully versed on the latest and relevant legislation. With her immediate access to legal assistance there are never any questions left unanswered. With Antoinette’s advice, I have always been able to make an informed decision.

I take great pleasure in supporting Antoinette and invite you to call me at any time should you have any questions.”

Robert Prouse, President, Prouse Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd., 2010