I am very pleased to provide a reference for Antoinette Blunt, Ironside Consulting Services Inc. By way of background, I wish to advise that my observations and experience have been in relation to my direct involvement through her work with our police service and my role as a Councillor of the Garden River First Nation.

I became professionally involved with Antoinette in 2008 as a result of her work surrounding compensation for the First Nation. As a result, our police service engaged her to assist with developing compensation analysis and systems for our senior command staff. This also included an organizational restructuring of civilian roles and responsibilities. As part of her responsibilities, she redesigned position descriptions and performance appraisal processes. As a direct result of her work with our organization, we have implemented the standardization of all job descriptions and performance management systems through job analysis and compensation review.

Antoinette has been highly engaged by our community. During this past year, she facilitated strategic planning for the Garden River First Nation Chief and Council. In addition, she completed an assessment for the First Nation’s post-secondary guidelines to determine policy adjustments required for the accommodation of special needs students. Recently, she was also directly involved with the recruitment and selection process of our First Nation’s Chief Administrative Officer this past fall. As an expert in the human resources field, the First Nation has also relied on her to oversee appeals process for job evaluation results and engaged her to facilitate training sessions for the GRFN Child Care Centre employees.

Based on her relationship within our community, it is evident that Antoinette’s ability to observe, research and facilitate are superior. Her ability to oversee a project, engage stakeholders while assessing, compiling and presenting her findings are unmatched. She is versed in human rights legislation and can clearly articulate the requirements necessary for implementing accommodation measures and strategies that are necessary to ensure the success of special needs students.

In terms of her overall characteristics, Antoinette possesses excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. She also possesses the human element in terms of her ability to engage with different types of stakeholders. My personal observations surrounding Antoinette’s professionalism are a clear indicator that she possesses sound judgement, tact and skill in dealing with all types of issues. While she is empathetic to the issues impacting the organization and individual, she is also fully cognizant of the limitations contained within policy or legislative framework.

I enjoy an excellent working relationship with Antoinette. She has demonstrated, both professional and personal attributes, that would make her a dynamic, valued contribution to your project. In closing, I strongly and very enthusiastically recommend Antoinette Blunt without any reservation. She has my unconditional support and highest recommendation possible. Should you require clarification or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Leslie Zack-Caraballo
Director of Corporate Services
Anishinabek Police Service